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Coastal Adrenaline sports are designed to boost your adrenaline levels and caters for the energetic and outdoor pursuit ‘junkies’.
Catering for all ages Adrenaline Coastal regains have something for everyone and can challenge the individual whilst providing fun and excitement.
These days the sports and activities based on or around beach and coastal regions are well organised with various private enterprises and local authorities providing facilities and training in most of the disciplines. Check out local Adrenaline Sports directories for events and facilities near you
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Adrenaline Coast
‘Adrenaine Coast’ is popular descriptive name for various regions throughout the world offering sporting and leisure activities based in or around the coastal region, sea and seaside.
Such activities include: surfing, sailing and yachting, swimming, kite surfing, sail boarding and wind surfing, coasteering, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, land yachting or sand sailing, sea fishing, fitness, beach volleyball, powerboat, paragliding and parasailing, ‘thundercat’ racing and much much more.
Designated Adrenaline Coast regions are situated in areas of the world such as: South Wales UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA, South Africa, Fiji and other places worldwide.